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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm Weekend  NBC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in >> tonight, the impact she left on a local college campus. >> the trunk was open. adrian: neighbors talked to wesh
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tonight, troopers say the driver took off from a traffic stop only to crash into another car. good evening, i' m adrian whitsett. the suspect was not even supposed to be on the road when she crashed in orange county. amanda ober is live. amanda: the victim was cody garrett and he was wrapping up his first day on the job delivering domino' s pizza. he was headed back to domino' s when he was struck. tonight, they want the woman accused of killing him twos and a long time in jail. 23-year-old cody garrett was a single dad to a two-year-old daughter and was wrapping up his first day of delivering pizza for domino' s. his car was struck by a woman who was fleeing a deputy.
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t know how ongoing to do it without him. said her son was an organ donor. this woman, 27-year-old syndia saintcyr had fled a traffic spot first beating -- for speeding. the woman only suffered minor injuries and was charged with the cuticular -- vehicular manslaughter. she is charged with driving with a revoked license back in november. garrett who was wrapping up his last delivery of the night was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. his mother wants justice. >> she
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she killed someone and showed no remorse. no remorse. she got a couple of scratches. and my son is gone. i want her to be in jail for the rest of her life. amanda: syndia saintcyr was booked into the orange county jail at around 9:00 this morning. she is expected to be before a judge first thing tomorrow morning. adrian: right now, a local coach is accused of molesting a child and is awaiting extradition. david white was trying to escape to mexico when u.s. marshals caught up with him in texas. white is a longtime coach with the palm bay youth basketball team. matt: deputies say they are concerned there could be other
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accused 51-year-old david white of molestation earlier this month. the minor, whose exact age has not been disclosed, had sexual activity during a sleepover. white frequently hosted players of his fastball team at his malabar home overnight. he fled the state when he heard word of a warrant for his arrest. without incident. deputies say wife will be extradited back here to brevard county and anyone concerned about this case should contact the sheriff' s office. matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. adrian: police are trying to find a person who shot and killed a man in a local apartment complex. the body was found in lotus landing apartments. chris hush talk to neighbors about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death.
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police ruled his death and homicide. there are still many questions remaining especially the evidence marking . brian feeney says the body of a man was found next to his truck saturday night. >> his drums -- trunk was open, the door was open. reporter: altamonte springs investigators say the man was shot to death but who did it and why is a mystery. residents say they do not see crime like this too often. >> we didn' t hear anything. reporter: we have learned that police are patrolling the neighborhood as the investigation continues. police are asking for your help because the police have very little leads in this case. if you know what happened here at 9:00 saturday night in relation to this murder, call crime line.
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adrian: the rookie officer killed on her first day on the job in virginia was a graduate of embry riddle aeronautical university. police share this photo of ashley guindon as she was sworn in. ashley guindon and two other officers responded to a shooting when a man opened fire on them. we talked with one of her professors about her time on the campus. >> she was motivated. she was the student every professor wanted. adrian: a pentagon employee is charged with her murder. he is also accused of killing his 29-year-old wife before she opened fire on the officers. as our coming in on the kidnapped baby.
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the home invasion where taraji kemp was taken from her home. the mother, stephanie augustin is also charged with kidnapping. taraji kemp was found in her car seat in orange county. she stayed overnight at the hospital. there are still many so unanswered questions. >> you don' t know the motive or what is going to happen. adrian: an amber alert was issued for taraji kemp yesterday. it is unclear how she ended up in orange county. a bicyclist died after being hit by a car. fhp tells us the biker try to move from the right shoulder into the left lane and went right in front of the car.
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every speed tells us they are still trying to reach next of kin. orange county neighbors tried to take action just prevent flam -- a local fire. no one was hurt and neighbors ran to help when they saw smoke. >> i grabbed a water hose and put it out for them. i helped out my neighbor. adrian: those who lived in the home are being helped by the red cross. no word on what caused the fire. and less than an hour, spacex is supposed to blast off. here are pictures of the falcon nine on the launchpad ready for the launch at 6:46. two times last week it was scrapped. you can see tonight' s launch if it happens on wesh two and on
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it is a glorious day out there. first alert meteorologist dave better a la is here. dave: perfect launch. there is no word on when but you will be able to see the launch. this will be a perfect evening out here to maybe fire out the barbecue. 70 degrees right now. most of us in central florida got into the over 60' s and low 70' s. it really was a perfect way to wrap up the weekend. temperatures are not going to tumble the way to have the last couple of evenings. it is a slow dip into the 50' s. looking at our satellite imagery, there is not a whole lot happening. there is some cloud cover in the gulf of mexico. there are a you clouds in the forecast.
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looking like they may see a bit more cloud cover as well. here is our cap hour-by-hour into the late evening. we will have more coming up. adrian: tonight, the presidential candidates are preparing for their biggest test yet. super tuesday may determine what race. johnson tells us which candidates are ahead in the newest falls. reporter: fresh off a huge win in south carolina, clinton worked the crowd in tennessee. class i need your help in tennessee. reporter: sanders -- across older african-americans. reporter: a new poll shows trump trailing ted cruz on super
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rubio in georgia and tennessee with authority -- 30 and 40% of the vote. crews about taxes and rubio on saying fraud. >> donald trump is a con artist. >> the fact that donald seems terrified to suggest to release the taxes makes them terrified. >> until the audit is completed , i have nothing to hide. reporter: for republican contenders, there are 500 delegates on stake.
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adrian: early voting begins tomorrow into local counties. republicans and democrats can cast votes in lake county. this all is leading up to the florida primary on march 15. also ahead, a fire on a plane forces a mayday and the pilot has to crash land on a busy florida road. plus, the second voyage and trip
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adrian: check this out, a plane was forced to make a crash landing on a highway this afternoon. the pilot of a cessna reported a fire in the cockpit shortly afternoon. the pilot and passenger were transported to a nearby hospital. road was completely shut down for hours after the incident. she was missing was for more than 36 hours but the girl objected in montana was reported safe.
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maci lilley was found in the fourth type indian reservation and is now undergoing a medical exam to make sure she was not harmed. she says she was taken by a man friday night. they are calling it the cursed crews -- cruise. the end them of the seas is returning after a virus outbreak. the same ship had gotten into trouble before. the ship right now is returning back to new jersey to provide guests with a comfortable journey back home. local pets in shelters are getting a big boost thanks to some generous animal money. franklin' s friends sent there annual fundraiser.
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homeless pets find forever homes. >> when you think about the number of pets that we can help , community education we can provide, it is unbelievable how wonderful it is. adrian: more than $60,000 was raised. the number will be given as grant to local animal nonprofits and government agencies. the only thing i would say is they hoped they were holding that event outside. dave: what a gorgeous day. i took my dog outside today to. -- too. more great weather in the forecast. i want to start you off with this life you. we had a blimp overhead. what a perfect day for that.
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you cannot beat the weather this weekend. it was a little on the chilly side this morning but today, look at these highs. 73 in orlando. everyone in melbourne. 72 in the villages. 73 in winter haven. right now around central florida, it is fantastic. 69 currently. 70 indianola -- we had some frigid weather. currently 70 in winter park. 70 in winter mayor. windermere. 70 degrees and port st. john. in central florida.
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a few clouds down to the south. of the gulf of mexico. late evening. over the next couple of days, our overall weather pattern will shift. some wind off the water. a few additional clouds out there but generally sunny and pleasant highs in the 70' s. again, southerly wind flow bringing some more moisture. tuesday into wednesday we bring our next boundary. a few isolated showers into play. the only rain and the seven-day forecast. tonight, the big falcon nine launch might happen. they are going to launch that and then landed about 10 minutes
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much milder tonight. really, a gorgeous evening. not nearly as cold as it has been. tomorrow it is a pleasant afternoon. we will get into the upper 70' s as we work into tuesday and wednesday. favorable boating conditions. almost no swell on the water. probably a tied in the area. great beach and boating forecast. the spring breakers are here and is going to warm up nicely are those visiting out of town. 81 degrees on monday. there is that slight chance of showers. delightful weather to wrap up the work week. adrian: thanks dave. what a performance last night for seb hines in the preseason match. now the table is set for the new mls season.
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adrian: the anticipation has been mounting since the city
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in the mls play of conversation throughout their first season, the lions and their coach adrian heat are more determined now. and if what the lads showed us last night in their final tuneup is a harbinger of things to come, this should be an entertaining season. scored four goals in a 6-1 win at over a site from brazil, the perfect appetizer for the main course, beginning a week from today against the late. agencies work still to be done but not a lot of bad to say about last night. >> he had a great night. >> i am very proud to score
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it was great delivery from the team. i' m just trying to get my head on. pat: the pomp and circumstance that was daytona speedway is now in the rearview mirror. denny hamlin has had a week to bask in the glow of his daytona 500 win and on this circuit, that' s all about the time anyone gets, because the next race is right out the front windshield. hamlin made the talkshow rounds this week. kurt busch with the poll for the 500 mile event this afternoon on a beautiful atlanta day. great. strategy would help get jimmie johnson out front as the final few laps of this thing were winding down. on the restart, it johnson seems to the lead and passes the new
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mean white checkered official then a crash behind him involving eric almirola and ended the race. jimmie johnson a winner in atlanta. some teams jockeying for an ncaa tourney positioning. panthers put on a show this afternoon for 15th-ranked do. jim l artist scored 15 points and the cats dominated. devils shot just 37% and hit wins for the 20th time this season, 76-62. and the orlando magic is on the floor. they are off to a good start against the 76ers.
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they will finish 17 and eight
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only $94 a month for 12 months. adrian: a little chilly this morning but great weather the
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most of us are in the 60' s but the rest in the 70' s. that is what it looks like in brevard county. this evening we will see temperatures slowly fade eventually into the lower 50' s. more sunshine for tomorrow. adrian: get on out there. at 11:00. have a great evening. [captioning performed by the institute,which is responsible for its visit] on this sunday night, trump slammed. the frontrunner drawing fire from fellow republicans and democrats tonight for refusing to condemn the former leader of the ku klux klan. and bernie sanders looks for a path forward after hillary clinton's south carolina landslide. fallen hero. officer and former marine killed


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